Having chatted to the amiable White Rabbit chef Vladimir Mukhin during our sensational tasting menu, we asked where else he’d recommend we eat. He suggested another venue from the same group. We jumped at the chance given it was a shortish walk from our hotel and in an area of Moscow we hadn’t yet explored.

The restaurant is called Selfie. The receptionist at our hotel was quite excited to make a reservation for us, noting it was regarded as one of the city’s top places to eat. Having said that, on a Sunday night, it was rather quiet.

Where to eat Moscow: Selfie

Large, cool interior

It’s a glamorously decorated, huge place with a similar level of accommodation to White Rabbit. We were shown to a large table next to the windows overlooking Novinskiy Boulevard, another of the city’s huge arteries and watched, amazed, as 10 lanes of traffic positively roared past.

In spite of the name, there wasn’t a lot of ‘Selfie’ action going on. Two girls at a nearby table certainly paid more attention to their smartphones than the food or their cocktails but didn’t appear to be taking any photographs.
Greedy Girl was, of course – snapping pictures of the decor, the drinks and the food. Having had such a big night at White Rabbit, we opted for just a couple of courses and some cocktails. We’d looked at the menu online and we were excited at the thought of strawberry daiquiris and Bloody Marys. Sadly, neither of those managed to make it into the printed version presented at the table. Greedy Girl opted for a Kir Royale but gluttonous husband wasn’t to be denied. He asked for his Bloody Mary. Eventually we got through. The Russian did actually sound reasonably close.

Laced with tabasco, it was a pleasant drink, if not one he wanted to gulp. A complimentary serving of crudites with mustard mayonnaise also came into their own – the Bloody Mary wasn’t served with its customary stick of celery. Gluttonous husband happily fished it out from the appetiser and stirred his cocktail.

Where to eat Moscow: Selfie

Crudites with mustard mayo

Where to eat Moscow: Selfie


The vegetables and mayo were a nice, fresh touch. Soon, though, our starters arrived. Gluttonous husband had dorado ceviche with tomato, fennel and ‘wild’ apple (pictured at the top of this post). It was an enormous serving; the fish was a bit overwhelmed by the strength of the other ingredients. Gluttonous husband has been raving about the intense tomato on this trip so far. He preferred to eat the ceviche solo and just mop up the other elements separately.

Greedy Girl took a dish from the specials – quinoa with fried chanterelle mushrooms and seaweed wakame. There was also a parmesan foam which was completely yummy. It wasn’t executed as well as the dish on the tasting menu at Olo in Helsinki but a very nice plate of food. Gluttonous husband is on notice to cook with quinoa when we get home.

Where to eat Moscow: Selfie

Quinoa with fried chanterelle mushrooms

Next up, Greedy Girl took veal with peas and roased onion mousse. This was visually very similar to the calf sweetbreads dish at White Rabbit the night before. There were the same wood mushrooms, but fresh sliced pea pods were used instead of the herb oil and the sweetbreads were replaced with chunks of soft veal. It was a very, very good dish but Greedy Girl wishes she’d tried something completely different.

Where to eat Moscow: Selfie

Veal, peas, roasted onion mousse

Gluttonous husband had beef cheeks with potato gratin and red wine sauce. The chopped greens on top of his slab of beef gave the dish a bit of additional texture, but gluttonous husband was in raptures. The meat was perfectly cooked and the potatoes to die for. Generously he gave Greedy Girl one of his allotted three piles; it must be love.

Where to eat Moscow: Selfie

Beef cheeks with potato gratin

We’d organised a relatively late dinner so we’d stay awake to head down to Red Square and see its famous sights illuminated. With the light fading, we opted not to take dessert (well, Greedy Girl’s Kir Royales were full of creme de cassis so they tasted a little like a sweet) and off we went into the night.

Selfie offers a lot of choice, including a Russian ‘tasting set’. The quality of the food is first rate and the service is obliging and there’s just enough English among the staff for visitors to get by.


Novinsky Boulevard, 31 Moscow


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