As Greedy Girl and gluttonous husband embarked on their first visit to Bali, they’d been warned – don’t expect great coffee.

Staying in the Seminyak area, through a combination of research and just walking by cafes that looked the goods, we were enormously surprised with what we found – in many respects very pleasantly so.

While a lot of food and cocktails in Bali are relatively cheap, coffee is not. But a day without coffee is a day without sunshine. We were determined to have our daily brew.

So here’s our little guide to coffee in Seminyak.

Cafe Organic/Garden Gangstas

This is a nice-looking local cafe, on the main strip going through Seminyak and just across the road from the entrance to the W Hotel. While the plates going out also looked decent, the coffee was a disappointment. Two double espressos were ordered, with a side of warm milk. What came out was very weak and watery, with a small jug of cold milk. This was immediately put right but the coffee didn’t have any oomph at all.

Coffee in Seminyak

No oomph here


There was a queue to get in mid-morning – and this is a rather large space with a variety of indoor and outdoor spots. One of the great bonuses (depending on your point of view, but certainly for Greedy Girl) is that this is totally non-smoking. Again, double espressos were ordered with the request for steamed milk on the side – and this is exactly what we got. The coffee here is rich and robust. Greedy Girl had to keep adding milk as she sipped. There’s a reasonable all-day menu and a selection of cakes and tarts for a sweet treat.

Coffee in Seminyak

Great spot, good coffee


This roastery has a number of its own outlets throughout Bali and supplies a host of other cafes – with good reason. The coffee is some of the best Greedy Girl has ever had. Ordering double espressos with a side of warm milk, she effectively had two coffees in one – the coffee was so strong and robust, she kept adding milk as she sipped. The flagship cafe off Jalan Petitenget is enormous with three seating areas (two rooms downstairs and a big loft). There is also a ‘Baby’ Revolver closer to the Kerobokan end of Jalan Petitenget which also serves some excellent snacks, good smoothies and, of course, excellent coffee. It is absolutely tiny though. Amazingly three people fit behind the counter and coffee machine and probably six or seven inside on a combination of bench seats and stools.

Coffee in Seminyak

Strong enough to stand a spoon up


With a few high class villas and restaurants close by, this is a groovy area of Seminyak. Essentially it’s a local bakery with a range of snacks throughout the day. We had no real expectation of the coffee but it was smooth and light – an excellent foil for the huge oomph from Revolver earlier in the day.

Coffee in Seminyak

Smooth and light

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