It’s rare that Greedy Girl gets an opportunity to go out for brunch, but when she does, it’s eggs all the way. After an early morning (well 9.30am which is pretty early for a Sunday) workout with the lovely Ms Divine conducting the class, we decamped from the gym, slightly sweaty, and headed for Fitzroy Street, St Kilda and Fitzrovia.

This is a groovy neighbourhood cafe which is deceptively large, featuring alfresco seating (not an option as the weather was on the cool side) a few seating spots inside the door, but a substantial dining area at the top of the stairs abutting the semi-open kitchen. Greedy Girl and Ms Divine got a prime seat just at the top of the stairs. We were able to look over the passing parade, the barista at work but were separated from the main dining area by a small partition. And we were starving.

Given that Greedy Girl is now restricting herself to, sigh, one caffe latte a day (damn you, cholesterol) she declined the offer of a cup first up. Ordering various delights from the substantial menu options, we waited, hungrily, for the food and tormented ourselves at the sight of very many delicious-looking plates passing us by. The wait probably felt longer given we were both so hungry and it was all Greedy Girl could do to stop herself from face-planting her plate and gorging on the dish featured at the top of this blog.

It was a pretty sight. Two perfectly poached eggs sat on top of sourdough toast, accompanied by thyme-roasted mushrooms and an avocado and feta cheese smash. There was also a little dish of a homemade tomato relish. And it was incredibly tasty. The avocado and feta cheese was a slightly salty, tangy combination. Greedy Girl smiled as she sliced open the eggs to see the lovely runny yolk ooze forth. The mushrooms gave texture and the toast was actually cooked! Note to breakfast chefs: please actually toast your toast. One of Greedy Girl’s pet peeves is getting a piece of bread with her brekkie that has been waved over a heat source.

Ms Divine went for the smoked salmon. Again, perfectly poached eggs nestled on top of the toast with a serving of the salmon and some cooked spinach. Ms Divine was well pleased with the combination. Both plates were cleared with breathtaking efficiency.

Smoked salmon, poached eggs, spinach

Smoked salmon, poached eggs, spinach

And so to coffee. Trying a new place is always a risk for Greedy Girl who doesn’t allow herself a ‘replacement’ if her only coffee for the day is a dud. She requested her standard strong caffe latte. She remembered fondly her experience in another ‘Fitzrovia’ in London at Kaffeine where the coffee was so strong she needed to ask, sheepishly, for extra milk. It was a pleasant cup but not outrageously strong. Still, it went down the hatch and Greedy Girl was content.

Nice-looking coffee

Nice-looking coffee

Fitzrovia is at the more genteel end of Fitzroy Street in St Kilda. It looks out over parkland (on the other side of a very busy road) and it’s a great spot that’s open all day. The ingredients are sourced from top Victorian producers where possible and, according to its website, the coffee comes from the noted St Ali roaster in South Melbourne.

The restaurant is a collaboration between chef Paul Jewson and partner Gian Marco Pugnaloni, who runs the floor. Brekkie can often be an afterthought in some restaurants; this is not the case here. Greedy Girl was impressed and she’s looking forward to trying more.


2/155 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

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