Seinfeld’s soup nazi episode is one of those classic TV moments and, like most good humour, it was based on reality.  Greedy Girl is getting nostalgic for those days, unlike today’s ‘reality TV’ which is based on nothing. It kind of goes full circle; the show about nothing has given way to TV about even less.

On her last trip to NYC, Greedy Girl sought out the original spot where the soup nazi (who prefers to be known as the ‘original soup man’) ladles out bowls of steaming delights on a daily basis. Soup man (aka Al Yeganeh) of course doesn’t do that himself any more. After a six-year hiatus, he re-opened the stall in 2010. All the original soup recipes remain and the ‘ordering protocol’ is displayed on a board inside the shop, although not strictly adhering to it these days doesn’t automatically result in ‘no soup for you’. While he apparently abhors the soup nazi tag, he’s not shy about using the Seinfeld references to market the business – this is NYC after all.

But let’s get to the grub; the soup is absolutely amazing. We’ve had several varieties (pretty much working through what we remember Jerry et al ordering on the show) but we always come back to the very decadent lobster bisque. For US$10, you get a substantial bowl of your chosen variety, a piece of fruit, a Lindt ball and, yes bread! The bisque is thick, rich and has plenty of chunks of lobster throughout. Check this out! The flavour is sensational; Greedy Girl would be extremely happy to have this served up to her in a fine-dining restaurant (in something other than a paper bowl with a plastic spoon, of course).

Lobster bisque

Look at those chunks of lobster!

There’s no seating at the stall, but a small area on the next block offers plenty of benches in the sun around lunchtime – or you could walk another couple of blocks and sit in Central Park. The original soup man stall is on 55th Street, near the corner of 8th Avenue. It’s well worth seeking out. If you don’t really care for soup, it has branched out with some other snacks, including a lobster roll. Greedy Girl will be back to try more.
Seinfeld's soup Nazi

Order and move to your right (not the left)!

The Original Soup Man

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