A day without lobster in Boston is like a day without sunshine. Given it was pouring with rain, we thought it high time some meat was in order and promptly headed to the Butcher Shop.

This is in Boston’s South End precinct and a groovy little neighbourhood it is too. We caught a subway train for most of the trip from where we were staying in the financial district, not because it was particularly far, but because the streets were awash.

The Butcher Shop is a restaurant helmed by one of Boston’s leading chefs, Barbara Lynch, who is behind a number of enterprises in the city, including the ‘sister’ restaurant just on the opposite corner, B&G (which is where you go if you must have another feed of lobster/clams/oysters). It’s actually a working butcher’s shop, where you can select various cuts from the large fridges at the back that are prepared for you by the resident butcher/chef (pictured here) and take home or sit up at the bar and enjoy a snack and a glass of wine.

The restaurant doesn’t have all that many tables, and doesn’t accept reservations for parties of less than six after 6pm, so Greedy Girl and gluttonous husband, having worked up an appetite on the trip back from Martha’s Vineyard (and not having any lunch) were very happy to get in early.

Let it be said – there are some salads on the menu but basically everything here tests positive to meat. Greedy Girl and gluttonous husband each ordered an appetiser and a main and selected a very nice Californian Pinot Noir Au Bon Climat from the Santa Barbara region. First up were some fresh baguette and house made soda bread served with, oddly, a choice of honey or salted butter. The honey was exceptionally mild.

Greedy Girl started with foie gras terrine, served with a strawberry compote and brioche. While initially Greedy Girl thought she had a plate of toast and strawberry jam, it didn’t take long for her to appreciate how well these flavours went together. The foie gras, particularly as it came up to room temperature, was sublime. It was, however, exceptionally rich.

Foie gras terrine and strawberry compote

Foie gras terrine and strawberry compote

Gluttonous husband chose the steak tartare with pickled onions. This also was executed very well, with just the right amount of spice. The pickled onions were a very nice touch. It was very more-ish.
Steak tartare with pickled onions

Steak tartare with pickled onions

And so to mains. Greedy Girl chose a tagliatelle bolognese. The sauce here was very good – very light, tangy and a lovely meaty hit. The tagliatelle, which looked home made, was a bit knobbly and too thick in Greedy Girl’s estimation. She’s never fond of cutting noodles but these were impossible to twirl on the fork.
tagliatelle bolognese

Tagliatelle bolognese

Gluttonous husband asked for the server’s recommendation and took the wagyu coulotte, a boneless steak cut from the sirloin. Apparently this particular wagyu is farmed in Colorado and the Butcher Shop is the only restaurant in Massachusetts that has access to it. It was utterly sensational. Seared on an extremely hot grill, it had a few salt flakes on top and those, combined with the crust, were seriously good eating. It was served with a housemade tomato sauce (or a horseradish if that’s your preference) but it didn’t need a thing – not even a side dish.

wagyu coulotte

Wagyu coulotte

Having drained the wine in record time, all we could do was share a dessert – chocolate mousse with old-fashioned chantilly cream (which Greedy Girl asked to be served on the side). The mousse was so thick, you could easily stand a spoon up in it. Greedy Girl quickly had her fill and left the remainder for gluttonous husband to scrape out.
chocolate mousse

Thick and luscious chocolate mousse

We soon reached for our coats to head out into the Boston early evening, and thankfully the rain had cleared for us to be able to walk back downtown. There was a constant stream of patrons trying to get in the door and we were happy to give up the lease on our table.

The Butcher Shop is in a fun precinct, only about 20 minutes’ walk from the financial centre of Boston. It’s well worth seeking out, especially if you’re looking for a respite from seafood.

The Butcher Shop

552 Tremont Street, Boston


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