Greedy Girl usually gives chain restaurants a wide berth. Roy’s Honolulu is part of the ‘outback steak’ empire but doesn’t look or feel like it’s part of a chain – unlike the Denny’s just across the road. The menu had a number of interesting dishes and she fondly remembered the snacks she’d had there on a previous visit, so she signed up for a table for two on a Saturday night.

Note to visitors: make a booking if you’re wanting to eat out on a Saturday night in Waikiki – even early in the tourist season, the area is incredibly busy. One hapless group, spying an empty table next to us out on the terrace at Roy’s, simply plonked themselves down on the chairs. Very politely, they were quickly moved on.

The restaurant offers an amazing dinner deal – three courses for US$49.50 and there’s a lot of food. Gluttonous husband commented later we could have easily shared one dinner special between the two of us.

There are six locations throughout Hawaii; the Waikiki outlet is one street back from the beach, although you can’t see it from the airy terrace that runs along two sides of the corner restaurant – the view is obscured by a number of expensive hotels. Still, it’s a very pleasant place to sit, if a little unnerving given the flaming torches that are dotted throughout the shrubbery are quite close.

Ordering a very acceptable Cosmopolitan and an IPA  and munching on some complimentary spicy (and very yummy) edamame, we settled on the dinner deal and each took a variant where one was offered. There was no choice of starter. From left to right (pictured above), this was a very crispy chicken spring roll, soft braised Szechuan baby back rib and a grilled shrimp ‘stick’ with spicy tomato sauce. It was an unusual combination; kind of like having several dim sum dishes on the same plate, but everything was cooked well and easily went down the hatch.

Gluttonous husband had a rib feast. (Apologies for the quality of the images from here on – the terrace was very dark). These were honey mustard glazed grilled beef short ribs, served with herbed lyonnaise potatoes, lomi tomato relish and a few vegetables. The ribs came away from the bone reasonably easily and the potatoes lyonnaise were absolutely delish.

Roy's Honolulu

Honey-glazed ribs

Greedy Girl chose fish. This was monchong, a local firm-fleshed white fish also known as pomfret. It’s quite an oily fish but has a very mild flavour. The fillet was crusted with macadamia nuts and served on a bed of grilled asparagus with some sliced, buttery potatoes and a lobster sauce (you can see the orangey slick on the left of the plate, below). It was perfectly edible but there were two pieces of fish and it was a huge serving. The nut coating made it also quite rich.

Roy's Honolulu

Macadamia nut crusted monchong

And so to dessert. Gluttonous husband had the macadamia tart. This was served with coulis (raspberry and mango) and an anglaise, as well as a quenelle of ice-cream on top. Gluttonous husband couldn’t live up to his pedigree on this one and left half on the plate. Once again, a large serving.

Roy's Honolulu

Macadamia tart

Greedy Girl, of course, couldn’t go past the chocolate souffle. This was served with a raspberry coulis and vanilla ice-cream (that gluttonous husband sampled and said was quite smooth). The souffle was more of a fondant – it had a gooey, melted centre and was a lovely chocolate dish – but not what any traditionalists would even remotely describe as a souffle. Gluttonous husband dived on his half and wolfed it down. Hmmm, not surprising that he couldn’t finish his own dessert.

Roy's Honolulu

Fondant? Souffle?

Roy’s is great value for money; the food is perfectly good and executed at a level that is excellent for what is undoubtedly a venue frequented by tourists. The service was also very good – efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. You could do a lot worse in Waikiki – perhaps just share one dinner though unless you’ve got a ravenous appetite.


226 Lewers Street, Honolulu

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