How good could a budget French restaurant in Singapore be? Saveur, with two outlets in this food-obsessed city-state, is quite extraordinary. Suffering slightly from an incredibly inconvenient head cold, Greedy Girl dragged herself out of the hotel bed and made a short walk across Scotts Road to the Far East Plaza (the other outlet is in Purvis Street, near the Raffles Hotel). There are no reservations at either outlet, so we took advantage of a relatively sparse food day to head out early.

Saveur is the brainchild of two friends who’ve worked in various temples of gastronomy and for some of the world’s great chefs – Australia’s own Tetsuya being one and the legendary Guy Savoy another. According to their website, they wanted to create an approachable, affordable French experience – and Greedy Girl doesn’t doubt they’ve pulled it off.

The Far East Plaza outlet is in the basement, accessed from street level. It’s been fitted out reasonably nicely, with black walls and several dramatic-looking light fittings. Shown to a table by the wall, we didn’t get off to the most optimal start when our order of the mushroom tart on the specials list wasn’t available. Undeterred, we both ordered main courses and waited.

This is not French fast food; dishes are cooked to order and there’s a bevy of chefs at work in the partially-open kitchen. The service, while pleasant, was more in the Asian style – dishes were brought to the table when they were ready. Gluttonous husband’s order of sea bass (pictured above) was first to arrive. This was a pan-seared fillet, served with sauteed potato cubes, topped with a little crab meat, some thinly shredded green beans and a caper vinaigrette. Gluttonous husband commented the fish was perfectly cooked – still very moist. The skin was crispy in parts. Greedy Girl kept sneaking cubes of the potato but didn’t think the caper vinaigrette had much flavour. Still, a very enjoyable dish.

Greedy Girl ordered the chicken special of the day. This was chicken breast with a miso, honey and garlic crust, served with what the menu termed ‘hot slaw’ and truffle mashed potato. Dotted in between were corn kernels and roasted carrot, shallots and garlic cloves. There were also a couple of pieces of crispy chicken skin. The chicken was very moist and Greedy Girl enjoyed it – especially when coupled with the truffle mash. Gluttonous husband commented he didn’t particularly like the honey glaze but Greedy Girl thought the touch of sweetness worked well. The ‘hot slaw’ was essentially a collection of warmed leaves, some more wilted than others. Greedy Girl doesn’t consider salad and mashed potato to be a good combination and this didn’t do anything to change that opinion. Eaten separately, the leaves were absolutely fine.

Saveur, Singapore

Chicken and hot slaw

We decided to share a dessert – and just as well given the size of what was to come.

Saveur, Singapore

Milk chocolate mousse with hazelnuts

This was a milk chocolate mousse with hazelnuts, frozen raspberries, rice puffs and a hazelnut/caramel slick. The flavours and textures here were excellent. The rice puffs went down a treat and once the raspberries had warmed up a fraction, their flavour came through nicely. It was, however, a huge mound of mousse – more than enough to satisfy two people.

Sorted. We paid the bill – including the Singapore ++ it came to just on $47. A bargain.

There’s a lot to like about Saveur – if you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful in Singapore that isn’t Asian, it’s a godsend.


Far East Plaza, Scotts Road, Singapore

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