Ever wondered how expensive it is to fly in certain countries? Average prices per km vary markedly according to the Aviation Price Index, a new survey by online travel agency Kiwi.com which found India was the cheapest while the United Arab Emirates had the most expensive airfares.

The company surveyed over a million international and domestic journeys, looking at both full service (legacy) and low cost carriers for 75 of the world’s most frequently visited countries and ranked their costs per 100km of travel. India offered the least expensive domestic flights on both low cost and legacy airlines, at $2.27 and $2.67 respectively, while the least expensive international flights were from China at $1.22 (low cost) and $2.84 (legacy airlines). All figures are in US dollars.

most least expensive countries flights

Where you fly from can have a big budget impact

The most expensive domestic flights were in the United Arab Emirates, at $181.38 (low cost) and $202.36 (legacy) while Canada topped the list of most expensive international flights – $43.70 for low cost and $94.66 for legacy airlines.

Other countries of note were Australia, ranking just outside the 10 most expensive countries, with an average flight cost of $35.69 per km of travel while New Zealand was 24th with an average cost of $11.42. The US ranked 17th overall with an average $9.81 per 100km of travel, and the UK came in at 32, with its average $13.23

Kiwi.com CEO Oliver Dlouhý says the results were a fascinating guide to the costs of air travel around the globe. “We always aim to offer travellers the best possible deals, and hope this ranking informs customers on the countries from which they can expect the most cost effective airfare, and assist them in booking the best value journey,” he says.

A full list of the ranking can be found on Kiwi.com

most least expensive countries flights

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