Our preferred way to spend a final day in any Asian destination is a champagne brunch. Sadly, on a Saturday, we didn’t have that option so we decided to pig out a different way, at the Lobster and Burger Bar St Regis Bangkok.

This is the main bar just to the left of the entrance to the hotel. It’s a calm spot on a Saturday afternoon and we were happily its only patrons at lunchtime, looked after by the very nice Ms Mew.

Settling into big wing seats next to the window, we perused a small menu, which was fairly moot because we decided ahead of time we were going to have the signature ‘tower’ at 4999 Thai Baht – a power of food.

But as we cooled down from the searing heat and humidity outside, we sat back with snacks and drinks. Gluttonous husband was happy to see some craft beers on the menu and, from a small wine selection, Greedy Girl opted for a glass of white.

Ms Mew brought us a dish of ‘banana crisps’ liberally coated with spicy, salty goodness, along with our drinks.

Lobster and Burger Bar St Regis Bangkok

Banana crisps

Lobster and Burger Bar St Regis Bangkok

A decent pale ale

Lobster and Burger Bar St Regis Bangkok

An Italian pinot grigio

While gluttonous husband was happy to sip his Full Moon pale ale, the first sips of the pinot grigio were a little rugged. Still, it was worth it for Ms Mew to continually ask how I was enjoying the ‘pinot Giorgio’.

The first beer went down without delay and gluttonous husband spied his preferred IPA also on the list. He loved the contents and thought the label – a Muay Thai Koala summed up the Australian/Thai co-operation on this beer perfectly.

Lobster and Burger Bar St Regis Bangkok

A great IPA

Ordering our burgers medium on the tower, we were told it would take around 25 minutes to prepare. All good. Eating lobster in Asia has rarely worked out well for us, especially during brunches, where it’s just too dry, so we were taking a leap of faith.

Lobster and Burger Bar St Regis Bangkok

Lobster and Burger Bar menu

Still, when the tower arrived, it certainly looked the goods.

Lobster and Burger Bar St Regis Bangkok

Our lobster and burger tower

Here we had four hamburgers (with various fillings, a lobster roll, two grilled Boston lobsters and a gigantic plate of truffled fries surrounding a garden salad.

And here’s a close up of the burgers – we had a surf-and-turf (wagyu with lobster), one with foie gras (termed a Rossini burger) one with cheese (roquefort) and onion and a classic wagyu. The outlier you can see below is the soft lobster roll, which was fairly delicious. The dishes of sauce were a bit nondescript so we didn’t indulge.

Lobster and Burger Bar St Regis Bangkok

Our burger selection

We tackled the burgers while they were still hot with gluttonous husband expertly slicing each in half.

Lobster and Burger Bar St Regis Bangkok

The surf and turf burger

Each burger was well cooked – the beef wasn’t at all dry and the amount of accompaniments was just right. We didn’t eat all the bread – basically keeping the top of the bun in place until we’d snaffled all the filling and then discarding it on to the side of the platter.

Lobster and Burger Bar St Regis Bangkok

The Rossini burger

We thoroughly enjoyed our taste of foie gras in the Rossini burger but it was a case of foie gras for one, lobster for four and fries for 10 in terms of quantities in the tower. Way too much food for just two people but we managed to easily get through the burgers and lobster.

Most of the fries and salad went back to the kitchen, despite being able to dip them into some very nice aioli.

Lobster and Burger Bar St Regis Bangkok

Too many fries – seriously!

The lobster (see the picture at the top of this post) was masterfully cooked and had a delicious grilled flavour. We had two rather large tails and four meaty claws that had been pre-cracked. Gluttonous husband was a very happy chappy.

We worked our way through systematically through the tower, sipping all the while and were very content. Ideally it’s probably a dish best shared among four people, perhaps with an extra burger or lobster roll ordered to complement the tower.

Still, it worked a treat for us. We didn’t plan to eat on our evening flight and, after this, we certainly didn’t feel like it!

It’s a pleasant enough spot to while away a few hours and the service is obliging and attentive. There are no views from the bar area, but that’s OK. If you’re a lover of lobster, you’d do a lot worse in Asia.

Lobster and Burger Bar St Regis Bangkok

A comfortable seating area

Lobster and Burger Bar

St Regis Bangkok

159 Ratchadamri Road


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