There are a gazillion places to eat duck in Hong Kong so why on earth would one traipse all the way down to Stanley for a duck restaurant? Easily done when it’s as good and as much fun as Pinot Duck.

In the Stanley Plaza, about 30 minutes by taxi from Central, Pinot Duck is just a little shopfront. There are other dishes on the menu besides duck but, again, why you’d bother eating anything else is a mystery.

On a recent Hong Kong visit we caught up with Clean Plate Club member FullAsAGoog who loved the fact she had an excuse to try this fun little spot. Happily we spent a showery Saturday stuffing ourselves with all manner of delights.

As the name implies, the restaurant (which has another outlet in Wanchai) food menu focuses on duck and the wine list on the pinot grape. None of us feeling like wine, FullAsAGoog and Greedy Girl both took Pinotinis – a vodka cocktail with lemon and pineapple, while gluttonous husband helped himself to a fine Moonzen Jade Emperor IPA.

Duck in Hong Kong Pinot Duck Stanley


Duck in Hong Kong Pinot Duck Stanley

A fine craft beer

Our dishes revolved around some succulent Peking duck. FullAsAGoog says it’s not particularly easy to find this in Hong Kong unless you go to a restaurant serving Beijing-style specialities.

The duck is served with fluffy soft bao and a steamer full of traditional pancakes.

Duck in Hong Kong Pinot Duck Stanley

A delectable roast duck platter

Duck in Hong Kong Pinot Duck Stanley

Fluffy, light bao

Along with this is a platter of condiments – traditional hoisin sauce with spring onions and cucumber, but also a black pepper sauce, plus two styles of garlic – crispy fried crumbs and some minced.

Duck in Hong Kong Pinot Duck Stanley

The condiment platter

Greedy Girl was prepared not to like the pepper and garlic with the duck, but it was delish. Happily we munched our way through.

Another amazing dish is the Peking duck tacos (pictured at the top of this post). These are very satisfying, with great flavour, moisture and crunch.

We also shared pan-seared duck foie gras, served with a pineapple relish and balsamic reduction. Heaven.

Duck in Hong Kong Pinot Duck Stanley

Pan seared foie gras

And to round out the meal, the duck fried rice. This is liberally sprinkled with roasted pineapple which isn’t Greedy Girl’s favourite fruit, but it’s a tasty combo.

Duck in Hong Kong Pinot Duck Stanley

Duck fried rice

Done. We enjoyed every dish immensely.

Stanley is a fun place and wasn’t too manic. It’s a nice trip out of skyscraper central, with a very relaxed vibe. If you’re a lover of duck, then this is a great place to get your fix of it in Hong Kong.

Pinot Duck

Stanley Plaza

23 Carmel Road, Stanley, Hong Kong

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