The main shopping strip in Seminyak is a buzzy place. There’s a huge amount of choice for diners and drinkers and the vast majority of spots look relatively new and upmarket.

Having said that, local food is still pretty inexpensive – but if you’re a visitor looking for Western delights (aka comfort food), that style comes at a price akin to what you’d expect if you were eating out in Melbourne, London, San Francisco … Well, you get the idea.

In the search for decent coffee in Seminyak, we found Sisterfields. This is an Australian cafe which also offers some local twists. It is, however, a go-to venue for breakfast, brunch or lunch – with all-day delights.

The cafe doesn’t take reservations and the three times we visited during our stay in Bali, we had to put our names down at the door and wait our turn. Happily, the venue is reasonably big so the tables turn over quickly. There’s a large main room (with air-conditioning) and two outdoor areas – one at the entrance and a courtyard at the back.

The coffee here is excellent and we’d looked at dishes being taken to other tables with interest. We decided to come back for lunch.

Lunch is something we don’t do often enough when we travel, usually gorging ourselves at breakfast and then waiting for afternoon tea or evening canapés. Greedy Girl was heading for a long session at the hairdresser so decided it would be good to have some additional fuel.

As usual, we shared our dishes, taking a lamb sausage dish and a burger. Neither dish was really what we expected but the food was very decent.

The burger was served with a tomato mayo and an onion ring. Greedy Girl didn’t expect the onion ring to be contained within the burger and didn’t think it worked. The batter was very crunchy and gave the burger an odd texture. Gluttonous husband took her word for it and removed the onion ring from his half and ate it separately. Still, the beef patty was very good and the sauce delicious. The drips on the plate were mopped up by the crispy chips.

Sisterfields Bali

A decent burger

We then shared the dish at the top of this post, lamb merguez sausage. Greedy Girl didn’t read the fine print and was surprised to see the poached eggs, but they were perfectly cooked and sliced open to provide more moisture. There was also a tomato kasundi (a chutney), potato rosti and roasted cherry tomatoes. It was a very nice dish but not at all what we were expecting.

To drink, we just rehydrated with water and Greedy Girl treated herself to a mixed berry granita. This was incredibly refreshing and revitalising. If you’re in Seminyak and love berries, don’t miss out on one of these.

Sisterfields Bali

Mixed berry granita

Sisterfields is a fun and buzzy place and seems to attract a good mix of visitors and locals. It’s a shining light in Seminyak.


JL Kayu Cendana 7, Seminyak


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