Not wanting a typical country motel breakfast in Mildura, we did a bit of cyber searching. It pointed to a cafe we’d walked past on our way to dinner the previous evening at Stefano’s, Blk Mlk.

It’s an unassuming shopfront on Deakin Avenue with outdoor seating in a side laneway as well as a range of tables inside. We arrived just as it opened and that was probably a good idea – the place filled steadily over the next hour.

While there are breakfast staples, the menu has a few twists. Gluttonous husband was torn between the golden mango bowl and the house-made granola. The friendly waitress said if he wanted more grains to opt for the latter. Sold.

Greedy Girl just wanted comfort food. Not entirely sure of what she was going to get with their take on eggs benedict (with pulled pork), she opted for simple scrambled eggs on sourdough with a side of bacon.

The dining room here is light and bright, with a kitchen at the back and some very busy baristas behind the coffee machine. While a wi-fi service came up, we didn’t ask if it was available to log in, preferring to tackle our usual morning crosswords that we’d already downloaded. Gluttonous husband had a double espresso to start and he was quite pleased with its oomph.

We had a momentary giggle. The tables here are metal, so Greedy Girl’s iPad (with the magnetic cover) stuck fast to the top. She had to pry it off a few times to adjust the position.

The food arrived promptly. Greedy Girl’s scrambled eggs were a little overcooked for her taste (preferring a slightly softer, runnier mix) and the bacon was certainly very crispy, but she couldn’t quibble about the taste. Country eggs have plenty of flavour and the bacon was satisfyingly salty. The sourdough toast had already been buttered and it was nice to finish with it.

Breakfast in Mildura Blk Mlk

Simple stuff – scrambled eggs, crispy bacon

Gluttonous husband had, arguably, the prettiest-looking granola he’d ever seen (pictured at the top of this post). It was served with a coconut panna cotta (that wasn’t overly sweet), plus seasonal fruits and house made fruit gels. He enjoyed the moisture from the panna cotta but also requested a little yoghurt. Unfortunately all the yoghurt in the cafe was pre-spiced for savoury dishes so that wasn’t possible, but the staff happily brought him a little milk.

It was time for Greedy Girl to try the coffee and gluttonous husband opted for a second double espresso. The colour of the piccolo latte looked great and the coffee itself was quite smooth. It wasn’t the strongest piccolo Greedy Girl’s ever enjoyed but it was more than acceptable.

Breakfast in Mildura Blk Mlk

Quite acceptable coffee

Happily, we settled up and headed off on our day.

This is a very enjoyable spot and hopefully does well in Mildura. There’s plenty of interest on the menu and all dishes are available throughout the day.

Blk Mlk Specialty Coffee

51 Deakin Avenue Mildura

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